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Extremity site temperature control reduces the risk of injury to your patient. E TENN Urological Supplies offers DeRoyal’s T600 hot/cold therapy unit and T505 cold therapy unit that are advanced portable systems suitable for any medical setting or home treatment. Helping to reduce pain and soft tissue swelling after surgery or trauma at a precise temperature (cold therapy range 45°-60°F; hot therapy range 90°-120°F), is the key to safe and effective treatment. E TENN Urological Supplies also offers DeRoyal's complete assortment of blankets and wraps for application on all parts of the body. Their unique channel construction directs the cold or heat directly to the injury site, providing rapid, safe, and constant treatment. Blankets are available in both sterile and non-sterile versions. A combo option including the cold therapy unit and the most popular blankets are also available.
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DeRoyal® CoolJet™ Cold Therapy Unit DeRoyal® Hot/Cold Therapy Blankets DeRoyal® T700 JetStream™ Hot/Cold Therapy Unit NEW PRODUCT COMING SOON!
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Average Retail Price$178.98
Our Price$159.95
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Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Average Retail Price$58.00
Our Price$49.95
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Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Average Retail Price$183.98
Our Price$169.95
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Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Average Retail Price$265.00
Our Price$189.00
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DeRoyal CoolJet Cold Therapy Unit DeRoyal Hot Cold Therapy Blankets DeRoyal T700 JetStream Hot Cold Therapy Unit DeRoyal T600 Hot Cold Therapy Unit
Currently Unavailable
Average Retail Price$249.00
Our Price$195.00
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DeRoyal T505 Cold Therapy Unit Combos
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